Řekli/napsali o mě

Merrill N. Davis III

Varhaník, Chicago (USA)

"Tomas is so talented not only as a fine organist and artist, but he is also one of the finest organ voicers and tonal finishers to be found anywhere in the world! “

William E. Gray Jr.

Varhanní poradce (USA)

"The organ sounded glorious. ...I think everyone is going to be very happy with what Tomas has done. The guys have worked very hard and done a great job. I appreciate them very much. Tomas is a very talented young man.“

William E. Gray Jr.

Varhanní poradce (USA)

"We have been very complimentary of what Tomas has done and recognize him as being a most talented voicer. The organ is going to be magnificent! ....We all commented about how far Tomas has come in his art of tonal voicing and finishing.“

Marie Slámová


„Mladý varhaník z Prostějova okouzlil publikum za oceánem.“

Oberlinger Orgelbau

Německá varhanářská firma